install tor browser on ubuntu mega
настройка прокси в tor browser mega2web

Настройка TOR. Чтобы обеспечить максимальную защиту, браузер по умолчанию отключает скрипты, в том числе для мультимедиа. Добавлен больше года. Еще одним виновником данной проблемы может быть расширение « NoScript «. Но иногда и по другой причине используют Tor.

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Install tor browser on ubuntu mega

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How to Install Tor Browser on Ubuntu

This is because some browsers use IP address tracking systems and, based on the sites we browse, they send us suggestions..  If you are interested in using Tor on Ubuntu , TechnoWikis is here to give you the steps to use a much more secure browser. You'll need to tell your GNU/Linux that you want the ability to execute shell scripts. Navigate to the newly extracted Tor Browser directory.  Note: On Ubuntu and some other distros if you try to launch sky-site.rup a text file might open up. The Tor browser launcher has been included in the Universe repository of Ubuntu, so you can easily use the apt command to install it. Note: You will find an older version of the installer using this method, but it will download the latest Tor Browser.